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Currently servicing the Pacific Northwest in: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Daikin Cooling & Heating products are available through independent licensed contractors.

Daikin launches U.S. power play from Houston HVAC plant

Daikin is the top brand for indoor air comfort in the world. The air conditioning equipment, including their ductless HVAC units is made with more precise quality than any other products. Due to this fact, only a select few dealers are allowed to sell and install Daikin ductless air conditioning products. Daikin is so certain of the dealers that they have selected to sell their products that you can rest assured that when you find a Daikin ductless dealer, you will receive the best possible service. Here are a few of the qualities that Daikin ensures that all of its dealers have:

Certified Heating Air Conditioning Installer

Becoming a Daikin indoor air comfort dealer is not simply a matter of arbitrary approval. In order for Daikin to approve a dealer, he or she must be certified by undergoing a rigorous training process that teaches the dealer about Daikin’s unique line of indoor air products. Once they have learned about the products, the dealers must then prove their capabilities as a dealer before their certification is complete. Daikin knows that your time is important. An HVAC installer who takes too long to get the job done is wasting your time. It is for this reason that Daikin requires that every certified Daikin professional prove that they can deliver and install your Daikin indoor air comfort products with maximum efficiency.

Knowledge and skill

Every Daikin dealer is a highly trained professional. With a minimum of 80 hours of training prior to receiving the Daikin seal of approval, you can rest assured that a true Daikin professional will know what he or she is doing.

Licensed, bonded and insured

Regardless of what job you need done, you should always have a licensed, bonded and insured contractor do the job for you. That is because these types of professional can protect you in three types of ways:

  • Licensure – Simply put, this ensures that the contractor can do the job that they have been hired to do
  • Bonded – This ensures that if something goes wrong, the contractor has the means and capability to rectify the situation
  • Insured – Protects all parties in the event of an unlikely injury occurring while the contractor is working

All Daikin professionals are licensed, bonded and insured.
Daikin, the global leader in HVAC systems.

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