Daikin Unitary HVAC Products

The weather in the Pacific Northwest is uncompromising, to say the least. Winters get freezing, and summers too can be sweltering and dense. Having a reliable heating and cooling system that is not going to run your energy bill is, therefore, a necessity and not a luxury. Daikin products pride themselves for being designed and produced with the Pacific Northwest homeowner in mind. They are made using advanced HVAC technology that allows them to provide seamless heat and cold comfort and save energy costs as well as Mother Earth by using green technology.

Daikin’s unitary product lineup is mainly designed for the North American residential market segment to meet all their heat and cold needs.

Daikin Unitary heating and cooling products

Heat pumps – offer both heating and cooling
Daikin heat pumps are made to provide homes with the ultimate heat and air-conditioned comfort from a unitary system. Using the most advanced technology, these single systems are highly efficient meaning owners can enjoy the year-long cooling and heating benefits at lower energy costs.

Air conditioner systems-offer cooling comfort only

Homeowners running air conditioners and furnace installations will highly benefit from the Daikin Air Conditioner line of products that are dedicated to providing purified air and cooling comfort to homes during the hot season and most importantly, at cost effective rate.

Air handlers and coils

These are installed in homes to economically and quietly synchronize the cooling and heating processes in the provision of crispy cool air during summer and cozy warm air during winter.

Ducted and ductless heat and cool systems

Daikin offers a broad range of both ducted and ductless heating and cooling systems for both commercial and residential purposes.

For the ductless line of products, individual indoor units are placed in each interior space to provide heating and cooling that’s independent of the other spaces in the home making it easy to control the temperatures of each room.

The independent temperature control is ideally suited for homes with young children or the elderly that need temperature adjustments along the day and night.

Ducted products, on the other hand, operate by sending air through installed ducts from a single location to all the interior spaces in a home.

Centralized temperature control is ideally suited to indoor environments that remain mainly unchanged during the day and night.

Advantages of Daikin Unitary products

Affordable and efficient
The Daikin Unitary line of products provides homeowners with high performing machines that are highly efficient at a pocket-friendly rate.

With a wide range of unitary products available from air coils to gas line furnaces, a homeowner can achieve personalized heat and cool solutions for their home.

Undisturbed operations
With the use of advanced technologies in all its products, Daikin can provide noiseless operations for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Homeowners can hugely transform their indoor environments by using the best that technology can offer thus reducing their operational costs. Visit your nearest Daikin provider in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, Pacific Northwest for information on the best heat and cool products for your home.