The Daikin Advantage of Heating and Cooling

It is these advantages that have moved many homeowners to upgrade their heating systems.  Daikin offers absolute warranty to its users and has been a reliable manufacturer for many years. It is a leading innovator and provider of advanced heating systems to both residential and commercial applications.  Over the years Daikin ductless heating and cooling system has sold millions of its systems across the globe; in Asia, Europe and South America. Today, Daikin boast of the most technologically and aesthetically advanced solutions as a result of revolutionized air conditioning systems. These systems are intelligent enough to provide excellent comfort and control.

What makes Daikin different?

Daikin is the sole company dedicated to manufacturing air conditioning systems and home cooling systems. Capitol control heating system utilizes this world leader provider of conditioners to ensure you get the maximum comfort in your home even during unpleasant weather conditions.  The wall mount systems are available in heat and cooling applications. They provide energy efficiency and comfort control since the designs are flexible and can blend discreetly with any home décor. This is ideal for room enhancements or any space requiring additional cooling. The inverter unit will increase the compressor speed depending on the needed capacity to cool down or heat a room. Thus, indoor temperature fluctuations are minimized, saving you money.

Reduced Power Consumption

Daikin ductless heating and cooling systems consist of several parts. The first is an outdoor unit which has a condensing coil, an expansion valve, a compressor and a fan for cooling the condenser coil.  The indoor unit distributes air into the space through the use of an evaporator and oscillating fan. Another vital part is the refrigerant line-set that is housed in a conduit and is made of insulated copper. A remote control is also made available to program night settings to desired temperature. The intelligent eye has the ability to sense any human movement within a given room. So, when you are in the room, the conditioner will automatically operate normally. If the infrared sensor senses no human presence or activity for more than 20 minutes, the air conditioner sets back the temperature. This result in reduced power consumption by 20% in cooling mode and in heating mode by 30%.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Easy Maintenance

Just like any other appliance, maintenance is required. However, with ductless home products basic requirements only include keeping the filters and coils clean and these can be easily done by homeowners. All certified technicians can easily install for you Daikin products. Go for Daikin heating and cooling products and have them installed by professionals and join the list of those enjoying the benefits of world leading innovative products from Daikin. The choices include wall mount units and the slim duct units all from the new generation 2-port and 4–port multi-split systems. You are then assured of enhancing your home into a total comfort zone.